The Linda Norgrove Foundation is a trust that gives grants to fund education, health and childcare for women and children in Afghanistan.

Join our campaign to bring 20 Afghan medical students to the UK

We’ve spent the past two years fighting to get 20 female Afghan medical students to Scotland to complete their studies, but they’re stuck in visa limbo.

Please help us to put pressure on the government to ensure the students are granted settlement in the UK.

About the Foundation

The Foundation was set up in memory of Scottish aid worker Linda Norgrove, who was devoted to ensuring that the people of Afghanistan would achieve prosperity and stability as their country was rebuilt.

She was completely committed to her development work and she loved Afghanistan and its people. Linda was kidnapped and subsequently died during a failed rescue attempt in Afghanistan in October 2010.

The Foundation is run from the UK by Linda’s parents and four other voluntary trustees. Two part time women employees and two volunteer Afghan professionals monitor and report on projects within the country.

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Linda Norgrove Foundation reaches £3m milestone

The Linda Norgrove Foundation has now raised more than £3 million to help support women and children in Afghanistan.

To date, we have distributed around £2.75m on various projects ranging from literacy campaigns to lifesaving medical operations.

Life-changing surgery for children

We have been funding medical operations for women and children from all parts of Afghanistan for 10 years.