The Linda Norgrove Foundation is a trust that gives grants to fund education, health and childcare for women and children affected by the war in Afghanistan.

Update on our staff in Kabul

Thanks to all of you who supported our campaign to evacuate our staff from Kabul, and to all who worked so hard behind the scenes to try and make this happen.

Sadly, despite this and the brave attempts of our staff to access the airport, they were not able to be evacuated. We are continuing to support them in Kabul and are still working towards their eventual evacuation.

Our work in Afghanistan continues

We are continuing to support our scholarships and the other projects that we have funded.

Despite rapidly changing circumstances in Afghanistan, we are committed to continuing to support women and children in Afghanistan.

Thanks for all your support.

About the Foundation

The Foundation was set up in memory of Scottish aid worker Linda Norgrove, who was devoted to ensuring that the people of Afghanistan would achieve prosperity and stability as their country was rebuilt.

She was completely committed to her development work and she loved Afghanistan and its people. Linda was kidnapped and subsequently died during a failed rescue attempt in Afghanistan in October 2010.

The Foundation is run from the UK by Linda’s parents and four other voluntary¬†trustees. Two part time women employees and two volunteer Afghan professionals monitor and report on projects within the country.


Keeping the focus on women and children

From the beginning, we have focused on supporting women and children in Afghanistan. This will not change.