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  1. Susan Martin says

    Can Ido a fund raising event, ie garage sale for the people of Afghanistan? Would it do any good now or is it too late?

    • LNF web editor says

      Hello Susan – yes, please do! Although the immediate situation is very uncertain we will still continue to support women and children in Afghanistan where we can. Thanks for your support.

  2. Jill Smith says

    I feel the need to know on a fast-moving day to day basis, what is happening with the Foundation. Is there anywhere you are posting updates? When I saw tv news today it didn’t seem there was much hope you would get your two girls out. It must be more than worrying. I actually find it all quite frightening! All the best to you both and everyone who works for you and all those you are helping. Jill

  3. LNF web editor says

    Thanks, Jill. We publish updates on our Twitter account and on the home page of the website when we have something to report. Thanks for your concern, we appreciate it.

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