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  1. Reporter Dad says

    Margaret – this is great. I’ll be more diligent about reporting the news reports to you when I hear them. Sleep well!

  2. Sarah says

    If the fear and worry for your safety that this article conjures up is any indication of how great a writer you are – then it must be said, you are a TERRIFIC WRITER. Those of us who love you just wish you could showcase your skills in a safer environment. Miss you. Be careful.

    • Mom says

      I couldn’t agree more Sarah! I always have to remind myself Margaret that you choose this and it is your passion. The world can only become a better place as a result of your efforts….one person, one project, or one child at a time.

  3. Bill says

    We, on one of Margaret’s projects, IDEA-NEW, are well aware of what a great talent she is, not only in writing but also in monitoring of projects. Indeed, she is a very dedicated, remarkable young woman. Afghanistan is fortunate to have her here.

  4. Ajmal says

    After completing my bachelor degree, I joined IDEA-NEW where Margaret was Knowledge Management Manager. I found her really supportive and learned a lot from her in writing reports. She is not only a brilliant writer but a wonderful motivating manager too.

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