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  1. mujeebulalh(Adam) says

    I wish, if the Afghani parent let their girls to go to school and when a girl to be educated, they can make a family literate and girls can be like a candle which bright the whole of family atmosphere. Unfortunately they are disagree with this decision and even they say it’s shame for us that my girl is attending to school.

    But any way, we youth never let anyone to face with the same destiny of her, me as of a social activist combat against woman violence and we thanks to your foundation which help the Afghanistan people. Don’t hesitate if you have any works that I can do. I’ll do it as of a volunteer as well as I’m volunteer translator in Canadian woman for woman in Afghanistan. I’m already a member in Afghan Women’s Project. I wish to be helpful.

  2. Gabriela Staniciu says

    What a great foundation! Zahra needing to dress like a boy to go to school reminds of when, in our own western history, women writers used male name to be published (e.g. George Elliott). It is so startling when thinking about the efforts throughout history to keep women powerless and ignorant!

    Let us women stand together and say” if women ANYWHERE in the world do not have the rights to flourish fully, then ALL women everywhere suffer! We must support Zahra’s effort to receive an education! What a hero she is!

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