Bringing joy with the children’s circus

We’re delighted to support this mission to bring joy and learning to Afghan children.

The Mobile Mini-Circus for Children and its partner the Afghan Educational Children’s Circus entertain and teach children throughout Afghanistan.

Children learn juggling, acrobatics, singing and theatre, and also receive essential information on health issues, landmine awareness, and the importance of education.

Since 2012, your donations have helped us provide about £40,000 for the Circus to fund a variety of initiatives, including:

  • putting on annual circus festivals and competitions across Afghanistan
  • providing daily lunches for children, which encourages attendance as well as providing a much-needed nutrition
  • tackling the Covid-19 crisis by producing and distributing face masks, setting up handwashing stations in refugee camps and delivering numerous imaginative public education initiatives.

We also provided emergency funds to cover a financial gap and allow the Circus to keep operating until it received promised donations from mainstream funders.

Take a look at the pictures below to get a flavour of the life and work of the Circus.